Guy Cooper played by Trevor Marcotte

A steadfast friend with a modest background and passion for bettering the sausage of his family. His relationship with the others is complicated by his rocky friendship with James and his romantic interest in Blair.

James Spread played by Casey Poma

A self-absorbed aristocrat (papie) whose selfish actions spark pivotal changes in the relationships of the other students.

Blair Della played by Lyssa Samuel

An ambitious culinary innovator whose unspoken connection with Guy Cooper adds complexity to her friendship with Lunky. She's determined to break free from her family's traditional sausage business and create something extraordinary.

Linky (Eric F. Kiel) played by Ralph Blanchard

An eccentric character with an unrequited admiration for Blair. While the purpose of his presence remains a bit of a mystery, his palpable disdain for both James and Guy leads to constant conflict.

Mr. Wurstvogel
Mr. Wurstvogel played by Scott Waldvogel

A discerning teacher who plays a significant role in whether the students pass their very important SATs.

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