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Cat cat Productions History

Casey and Ralph

Cat cat Productions was founded in 2012 by Ralph Blanchard (right) and Casey Poma (left) in Los Angeles in 2012. Whilst going through the same film program together at CSUMB, and working on student productions, Ralph and Casey discovered they were a unique team with similar humor and filmmaking sensibilities. A short web series in 2010 was a successful and fun collaboration. Later, when both would move to Los Angeles to be in the “biz”, Cat cat Productions was officially founded, a team forged, and indie film projects began being produced. Now in their eleventh year, Cat cat Productions is still here, and stronger than ever, with a web series in post production and another project in pre-production


Casey Poma is a founding member of Cat cat Productions. Growing up in Ukiah, CA, he has a love for fantasy adventure films and media. He started making films around the age 9. From 2002-2010, he made some 30 short films with friends under the production company Mac Kreker Films. He attended CSU Monterey Bay, where he met Ralph in a video production class, and graduated in December 2010. When he’s not working on Cat cat or film, he works on an epic comedic fantasy novel, dabbles in illustration, and composes and produces his own industrial and folk metal music. His personal website can be found here. Check out his instagram for illustrations.

Ralph Blanchard is a founding member of Cat cat Productions. Ralph grew up in Sacramento, CA. He made a few movies when he was younger, with his senior project being a slasher film called Bite. Ralph attended CSU Monterey Bay, where he met Casey in a video production class. He graduated in 2011. Ralph currently studies for a master in film production at (name of school). In addition to silly Cat cat movies, he has independently made more serious films, including a psychological horror short titled Her Face and his serious mid-term thesis film, (Un)paused. Currently he is working on a short comedic web series titled My Little Robot Son. In his non-film life, Ralph is also a collage artist. His work can be seen on his Instagram. His personal and not recently updated website can be found here. Check out his instagram for collage art.

Carly Lujan has helped on nearly every Cat cat production, and was described in her old bio as “the art department of one”. In the world of film, she loves making props and sets, and has done art department duties on many student and professional productions. When not involved with filming, either with Cat cat or other, she paints, does photography, and has a macrame business on Etsy, Studio Lujan. In her old bio it also states that she loves “shitty Pixar shorts and dogs.” Her instagram can be found here.

Frequent collaborators

Trevor Marcotte has starred in two Cat cat productions and helped film a segment in the upcoming film The Brat Snack. He's also a talented musician and great improvisor, always making us constantly laugh on set!
Scott Waldvogel has starred in two Cat cat productions. He has provided all around support on set with continiuty and Assitant Directing, even when he is busy acting. He's also a talented script writer that loves BBQ!
Daniel "Holmes" Lujan has starred or cameoed in five Cat cat Productions. A staple of the Cat cat family, he is always willing to go the extra mile for silly antics. He's also a talented storyteller and father to Production Designer, Carly!
Nick is the resident fixer of mistakes with his amazing VFX skills especially in the upcoming The Brat Snack. Despite being a talented DP, he's also a great audio-only cameo artist (two Cat cat films,) and sound recorder for freesound.org!
Dan Hampton has starred in one Cat cat Prodution and helped filmed the digging montage in Old Saint Dick 2: Saint Dick Goes to Jail. He's also a talented photographer that can carve spoons out of wood!

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Casey and Ralph grew up in the 90’s and miss the days of early internet where websites were lovingly crafted, startlingly unique, and pumped full of meaningful, in-depth content (and a few gifs for good measure).. Cat cat Productions has had a minor presence online for a while, but their original website was never finished, and superficial modern-day social media just isn’t the right fit. Just like a lot of their films are an ode to movies from the past, neocities has allowed them to create the personalized early 2000's website they always dreamed of having for their portfolio. They encourage you to explore through the deep pages, do some reading, and stay as long as you would like.