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In 2012, Die-ing Pan kicked off as the inaugural project for the newly established CatCat Productions, marking Casey and Ralph's initial venture into the realm of "horror comedy." Armed with a basic outline, Casey and Ralph jumped headfirst into production, crafting a mental shot list for the teaser trailer featuring a malevolent frying pan. With a camera borrowed from their friend Kevin, they managed to shoot the entire trailer in half a day within Casey's Culver City apartment. The project was swiftly edited and released in the hopes of building momentum for production of the real film.

While other projects have since moved up in the queue (and because there is an inherent challenge to making a feature film with no money or resources), this film has consistently simmered on the back burner, patiently awaiting its time to be al dente. The concept for the full-length movie has naturally evolved, now featuring an expanded cast of characters, an array of pan-crafted kills, and a more intricate and engaging plotline. This long running project will guarentee to cook up some laughs and fry up some scares when it eventually comes out! As the youtube description for the trailer of Die-ing Pan states: "Die-ing Pan coming 2013...yeah, probably like 2014...maybe 2015?" As you can see...it's coming soon!