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Devised as the first project under the newly founded Cat cat Productions in 2012, Die-ing Pan started Casey and Ralph's initial forray into "horror comedy." With a rough outline, Casey and Ralph leaped into production mode, composing a mental shotlist for the teaser trailer about a killer frying pan. Filmed with a camera borrowed from their friend Kevin, Casey and Ralph shot the trailer in half a day entirely in Casey's Culver City apartment. It was edited and released shortly after.

Think about some cool ways a frying pan could kill you. Well, imagine some of those ideas being incpororated into a movie script...because we have done just that! This long running project will guarentee to cook up some laughs and fry up some scares when it eventually comes out! As the youtube description for the trailer of Die-ing Pan states: "Die-ing Pan coming 2013...yeah, probably like 2014...maybe 2015?" As you can see...it's coming soon!