Guy's Spice Rack

The spice labels featured in these photos are a testament to Casey Poma's creative craftsmanship, serving as props specially designed for the character Guy within the context of the film. They not only incorporate witty inside jokes and references to prior Cat Cat films but also playfully embrace design elements reminiscent of the 1980s era. The spice rack, along with its various contents, was sourced from Bed Bath and Beyond. Casey invested considerable effort in hand-drawing and coloring each label as if they were homemade by Guy, and even designing printed labels that capture the style of spice packaging from that time period. Interestingly, Casey still holds onto the spice rack despite the somewhat amusing challenge of the spice labels not always aligning with the actual contents of the bottles. Below are also some screenshots depicting the spice rack in action within the film!

The photos and graphics on this page link to larger versions that you may download by clicking on them.

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