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Movie Update Log

10/24/23: Planet 9 Film Festival has selected The Brat Snack to be included in their festival! We are happy as a bun about this news! More news to come soon!

planet 9 film festival selection

9/1/23: We've submitted THE BRAT SNACK to a few film festivals. It's quite niche, so acceptance might be a challenge, but we're hopeful. Wish us luck!

8/20/22: THE BRAT SNACK is finally here! The official release of the film happened today! Go watch it!

8/6/22: It's finally here! The new trailer for The Brat Snack has dropped today! Stay tuned for the official release of the film on 8-20-22!

4/28/22: Well, dear Cat cat fans...the film turned out to be more work than we expected. With other life stuff getting in the way, and our high expectations (and like stupid need to add/complicate stuff), we have had a massive delay. Fear not! It is legitmately approaching completion finally, with some final touches being applied this May. Expect an exciting announcement regarding release VERY SOON! Yay!

12/12/20: Steadily working on it after some hickups...hoping we can release this before the year is over!

11/1/20: Welp, we weren't able to get the movie done in time for an October 31st release. Check out the trailer in the meantime!

9/27/20: Still editing the movie, but looking to premiere it Ocotber 31st!


"John Hughes eat your sausage out! This has everything you’d ever want in a beautiful nostalgic story about growing up, love, Highschool and sausage. Y’all are in for a treat or dare I say… snack! Bravo! Another fine cat cat production!"

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